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Meet Kayuri

Our Story


My passion to help small businesses increase their revenue and reach has been my key driver. In my opinion, an accurate and healthy financial position is the core foundation on which SMEs can unlock their potential, be flexible and innovative to win every possible opportunity. This in turn, helps them meet their financial goals and create and build a business of their dreams.

Over the course of my career, I have worked across three continents (Africa, Australasia and Asia) in a variety of accounting related roles. Additionally, I have had the pleasure of working with some of the best financial teams and service organizations.

I have had the good fortune to work with a diverse set of organisations ranging from start-ups, government entities, family owned firms, multinationals to publicly listed companies. Working across this wide spectrum of businesses has given me an insight into various industries like logistics, shipping, big retail, entertainment & hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, finance, consulting and so on.

​My deep core knowledge and subject matter expertise combined with commercial acumen developed over numerous years of experience has allowed me to help my clients develop a robust financial base from which they can operate to flourish their business.​

When I founded Molokai my intention was to cater to the needs of small businesses whose owners needed to focus on running and growing their companies. The mundane yet important tasks of accounting and tax filing could easily be outsourced to save time, money and focus. You just needed to find the right person. And so, after the initial years, my business grew solely by word of mouth.


Having seen the frustrations and difficulties of business-owners trying to address their various financial reporting issues, cash flow planning, taxation filing, payroll and other myriad time-consuming and complicated concerns, I realized the need for providing hassle-free financial solutions.


As Molokai expanded, our team grew too. And yet, our service standards and commitment to both accuracy and quality remained the same. We now serve various businesses on a regular basis in addition to successfully completing turn-key projects for set-up as well as dissolution.