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​​Set-up and Registration

We can aid in the set-up and registration process of your business entity. We also render the following services:

  • Provide a virtual office (Registered Business) Address
  • Advise on the business entity structure
  • Provide Nominee Director Services
  • Striking off of Companies no longer wanting to continue business operations

Annual Up-keep

  • Lodgement of AGMs, restructure of Directors and shareholders etc.
  • Updation of Director’s, shareholders and business details
  • Preparation and Lodgement of XBRL

Due Diligence

Investing in a new business or buying out a company’s operations needs some due diligence to be carried out. We are able to help you with the vetting process in the following ways:

  • Check and assess the financial health of the business
  • Check with Regulatory Boards for any compliance issues
  • Advice regarding business structure on whether to use existing setup versus a new one


Tax Filing

Filing tax returns need not be taxing and cumbersome. With the right guidance and assistance, you can sail through tax planning, filing and compliance in a breeze. We are equipped to help individuals, sole proprietorships, partnerships and private limited companies with tax planning and filing tax returns.

With our support, you can expect to be fully aware of your tax liabilities well in advance of the due date, so there are no surprises and you can plan and make your payments in good time. Adopting a proactive approach, we work with you to identify opportunities and plan your financials so that you only pay as much tax as you need to and no more.

We strive to keep up-to date with all changes in the tax systems and we can help you with the same. 

Financial Controller

Acting as your Financial Controller, we can carry out various financial responsibilities for you such as,

  • Helping you choose the right accounting software
  • Setting up internal systems
  • Providing software training
  • Advisory on financial matters
  • Other Ad-hoc work that might arise

We provide an ideal solution if you need assistance before justifying a full time employee or to fill a temporary vacancy due to leave or turnover. You can be assured of a smooth transition at handover and business can continue as usual. We are flexible in catering to various budgets and periods of time.


​We can help you with GST registration and set-up. We also maintain periodic upkeep of accounts and GST records so as to maintain GST compliance. We are able to carry out a GST review or suggest amendments in case of change in business volume.


Regular Upkeep of Accounts

We understand your business is continually evolving and changing. In fact, we think that that is the exciting part of being in business. You may have been too busy in trying to capitalize on new opportunities to pay any attention to the financial systems. Hence, your financial systems might not have evolved in sync with your business and may no longer be a good fit for your organization.

We can work with you and help you set up systems and processes, to ensure that our financial system is running efficiently, is compliant, and in tune with the growing needs of your business.

  • General ledger entries
  • Periodic management and Annual accounts
  • Set up of data flow processes for higher efficiency and fraud prevention


Regular execution of payroll can be a drag and time-consuming. Most of the times, you feel like you’re wasting precious time resources on mundane, administrative tasks like payroll. Outsourcing payroll can free up your time and give you the impetus to focus on your core business.

Our payroll services will alleviate you of this responsibility and ensure your business meets your obligation to your employees and legislation. You can expect to receive:

  • Analyses of staff pay
  • Customised pay slips
  • Administration of insurance, sick leave pay, maternity leave pay etc
  • Administration of CPF, various agency fees (eg. MBMF, SDL etc.) and other legislative payments
  • Completion & lodgement of statutory forms, including Form IR8A & employee benefits
  • Calculation & lodgement of make-up payment claims for NS men
  • Administration of incentive schemes, bonuses and ex-gratia and termination payments.

Financial Statements

For a variety of reasons, you could be sitting on a corrupt or messy set of accounting records which could prevent you from estimating the true value of your business or making sound judgement while making financial decisions.

We not only correct your records by applying proper accounting methods to your general ledger accounts, but also help you find the source of your problem, with recommendations to ensure it does not occur again.

We help build financial statements whether on MS Excel or on accounting software.

We can also help you set up processes and procedures to ensure good practices, so you don’t have to deal with those problems again.